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Fortuitous imaging and the iPhone 5

A couple of weeks ago I went camping at Big Sur, south of Monterey and Carmel on the California State Route 1. It was a lovely spot, and we spent time on a very windy beach, eating S'mores around a campfire, and enjoying being away from civilisation. A very American camping experience!

Once we packed up and headed for home, we detoured south to the lovely McWay Falls near the Julia Pfeiffer Burns National Park. The whole area is incredibly picturesque, and I took a few pictures. They included this one:

A friend mentioned that the area looked a little like something out of a video game. With the misty spray, colourful flowers, and vibrant cove, it easily could have been, and I highly recommend a trip down this way should you find yourself the opportunity.

Just a week the trip, Apple announced the iPhone 5, and presented a number of shots taken with the new phone's camera. They included:

Photo from

Talk about coincidence!

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