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Tue 13 May 2014
Category: Misc
Tags: Tech

I have been compelled by guilt into addressing this long silence (with my last entry coming nearly 8 months ago!). It has been an extraordinarily busy time, and I'm hopefully nearing the end of a PhD and my studenthood. Excitement lies just over the horizon! And so here is a brand spanking new website and blog design, as well as a migration away from Blogger and onto a statically generated site.

In the near future I'll write a full guide on how to migrate from Blogger to a Pelican-powered static site backed by Github Pages and hosted on a custom domain. There's a few tricks along the way - including perhaps the most important one of properly redirecting the Blogger site and posts to the new site. Google makes it quite difficult to easily migrate away from Blogger - particularly if you don't move to an option with your own hosting but use Github Pages instead.

There will also be further US travel tales, new Europe travel tales, and maybe even some PhD related material too. It's a brave new world here in 2014.

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