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Closing the doors on the lucky country

I am a first-generation Australian. My parents arrived in this country nearly forty years ago, seeking better opportunities for the future. I was born in a small country town in regional New South Wales, and I had the great fortune to grow up in a safe, welcoming environment, free from many of the anxieties and insecurities that plague much of the Western World as well as the terrifying dangers and tensions rife in many developing countries. I am very lucky ...

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New Year's in Sydney

One of the greatest things about living in Sydney is that Christmas and New Year fall in summer. This makes all manner of outdoor activities possible over the festive season, and one particular tradition is waiting out to catch the New Year's fireworks in Sydney Harbour. Using the famous Harbour Bridge as one of several launching bases, the fireworks are a spectacular way to bring in the new year. There's a 9pm show prior to the midnight fiesta ...

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Price gouging?

There is a lot of talk about how Australians are overcharged for hardware and software items compared to other countries. The Federal Parliament has convened a Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications to investigate "price gouging" in the IT industry, particularly from the likes of Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, and other tech giants.

The United States is a particularly common source of ire, and many people point at US prices compared to Australia as evidence for gouging. There's a number ...

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Lingo lessons

Australian English is a funny little beast. Fused together from British dialects, Aboriginal languages, American English, and other things we could find under the kitchen sink, it's turned into something of a unique lingo. And every now and again, I say something that causes the Americans in the room to give me a blank look, and laugh at my funny Australian ways.

Today, I learnt that Americans find it odd when you ask to "hire" an inanimate object. I ...

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Things that people don't realise about Australia (I)

As I meet people from all over America and the world, it's fun addressing some common misconceptions about my homeland. I thought that I'd jot down a few of my favourites so far, and add to the list as it grows.

1. Australia has 22.5 million people, but roughly the same landmass as continental USA. We're the sixth largest country by landmass in the world, but we have less than 4 people per square kilometre (that ...

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